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A Certificate of Occupancy popularly known as (C of O) is a document issued by Authorities to a land owner as evidence of ownership of land. It is an important land title document used to certify the legal, equitable and ownership status of any land in Nigeria, it is issued by the Governor of a state, or the Minister of the federal capital territory of Nigeria.

The Certificate of Ownership is issued after a person has applied for a grant of right of occupancy and such person has been granted the right. After the meeting the requirements, the Certificate is issued as an Evidence of Title. This Certificate of Occupancy is what makes the purchaser of a land a lawful holder to the land it is therefore important to note that whoever you buy a land from, obtain your Certificate of Occupancy where none existed before so as to ensure you secure a perfect title to the land.

Insight on how to apply for a Certificate of Ownership

Forwarding /Covering Letter (with date, phone No. & E-mail address)

Chartable Survey Plan (4 Copies)

Certified True Copy of Grantor’s Title

Duly Executed Deeds (4 Copies) Spiral bound with Assignee’s Signature on all pages)

Completed Form 1C

Picture of Site with date & time showing adjoining properties

Location Sketch properly drawn

Charting and Endorsement/Form 1C Fee

Copy of Identification (clear copy)

Evidence of Red Copy Lodgement

Administrative Fee

Passport Photographs with white background.

Evidence of payment of Income Tax.

Current Development Levy (In case of company, Evidence of payment of Income Tax of Two   Directors and Development Levy).

Survey Plan

All payment receipts of Land Charges.

Next post we will talk about Receipt. This next post is a must read.

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