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Certificate of statutory is not a valid title to a land

Renowned lawyer, Prince O. Williams-Joel, has said certificate of statutory or customary right of occupancy is not conclusive evidence of any right or valid title to a land. Speaking at the launch of his book, entitled Compilation of Articles on Law & Property in Nigeria: Simplified, in London, Prince Joel noted that investors do not know or understand their rights on land/property matters before acquisition, noting that it will be wise to contact a real property law firm with great expertise when buying a land or property. His words: “It must be noted that certificate of statutory or customary right of occupancy, issued under the Land Use Act, 1978 cannot be said to be conclusive evidence of any right or valid title to a land. It is, at best, only evidence that is accepted until being challenged and proven otherwise.” On the book, the lawyer, who has over 15 years of experience in real estate, said it describes realities of land/property acquisition, ownership and rectifies misguided notions about financing property investment in the country. The book,  published by Prince Joel & Associates Press is a compilation of writings and publications of his works can be found on It equips readers, as the thriving real estate sector in Nigeria is not without its peculiarities and emerging trends, which has thrown up the necessity for an assemblage of resource materials in the real estate practice.

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BOOK – Compilation Of Articles On Law & Property In Nigeria: Simplified, 2017

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