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Christmas is here again! It is that wonderful time of the year when we merry and dine, excitement in the air and the spirit of celebration moving around. As we celebrate Christmas, it is important that we remember its true essence.

Christmas is a season of great joy, a time of healing and renewed strength, a period to spend quality time with families and friends, it is a season of rejoicing and reflection, a time to show kindness and compassion, a time to forgive, a time to give, a time to share, it is a time to show love, most of all, a time to celebrate Jesus Christ. It is a season where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as our Saviour and King, to reflect on his love for mankind, a period of gratitude for His numerous gifts, protection, provision and kindness. These are the very essence of Christmas.Christmas buying land in lagos

Always remember that the spirit behind the celebration is that of Love, Giving and Sharing. Open your heart to the season by keeping your faith and kindness, expressing your sincere gratitude to those that have been by your side, helped and have supported you all through the year, forgiving those that did not, saying kind words to someone, giving to those in need, showing love, compassion, care and respect to one another.

As we celebrate this wonderful season with family, friends and loved ones, let us also take the time to thank Jesus for giving us the opportunity to celebrate. Jesus is the reason for the season.

 My wish to you all is to have a Christmas that is more special than it has ever been. May the true meaning of Christmas and the glorious message of peace and love fill you joy throughout this wonderful season.


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