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Complement of the Season to you all.
This is usually the best time of the year where there is great tidings, comfort and joy; but sadly not for everyone. One of the most horrible situation anyone would not want to be in, especially during the festive season is having to deal with issues regarding shelter and accommodations. This is exactly the case for more than 500 families rendered homeless without shelter throughout the festive period and maybe after words.

Yesterday, the 30th of December 2016 property owners at Olokonla Gardens Estate near Lagos business school Ajah Lagos matched to Alausa Ikeja protesting over the demolition of more than 200 houses out of the estimate 1,000 buildings to be demolished in this area by the Lagos State Government. I personally visited the Estate and saw things myself.

It is so touching how investment worth millions got demolished. Personally am doing my investigation and hope to write my finding on the actual remote cause.

I was informed and I verily belied it, that on the 16th of December 2016, four bulldozers escorted by soldiers demolished over 200 buildings in this area. Some of the residents in the area that tried protesting and interfere with the demolition were mistreated and rough handled.

It was this heart-breaking event that took place on the 16th of the month that had led to the protest by these property owners and sympathizers yesterday. I can only imagine the pain especially when watching a lifetime investment turned to dust in a matter of days. Various properties with an estimated value of more than 100 million were all destroyed in the unfortunate exercise; and this is why I have always emphasize a lot on getting a perfect title to a land.
However, with an interview with the lawyer who coordinated the protest for the community affected,Barr Aremo Oladotun Hassan. He confirmed that the demolition was carried out by officials from the Ministry of Physical planning and Urban Development on the authority of the permanent secretary Mr. Bode Agoro of lands on the 16th of the month escorted by men of the Nigerian army. Barr Aremo Oladotun Hassan revealed that the land in question is still a subject matter in Epe High Court under Justice Aloko Oba with the next adjournment on the first week of February 2017.
According to him, the essence of this protest is to seek the attention of the Governor of Lagos State ensuring that he visit the place to ascertain the level of damage that has been committed in his name. And also, the Lagos State government must find a way to compensate the affected families. “The houses that were demolished were nothing less than 15 billion naira worth and these properties are life investment of these people.”

He also pleaded with the government that justice must be done by bringing the culprit that has maintained their ground in this demolition, including the Nigerian army who came with what he called “GMG guns” general multipurpose machine guns with lots of heavy artillery including thugs numbering over 100 to lay siege on the people when they were not aware.

When I asked Barr Hassan if the people affected were given proper notice, he explained that this was not the case. “A demolition notice was given on the 8th of December 2016 and the demolition itself was carried out within a short time without proper notice and adequate time” He said this can only be found in a tyrannical society which is not the case in Lagos State.

Most importantly, he said the land in question is not a government acquired land which makes the land as normal as any other land in Lagos State thereby making it unlawful for the government to forcefully acquire the land.
Over 2000 inhabitants are homeless, people were molested and some still on hospital beds critically injured as a result of gunshot injury sustained during the demolition by the men of the Nigerian army. It was also revealed that one Captain Yusuf from Bonny camp Obalande led the army to the land for demolition. Barr Hassan said that they are yet to receive Justice and that the protest will go on no matter how long it takes. In a closing remark he said “All we seek is justice. This is a democratic process and for this reason things should be done in a democratic manner”.

Ibeju lekki lawyer is interested in finding out what led to the demolition of properties in OLOKONLA Garden Estate and will report same here. From my experience a lot of factors is involved but since the Lawyer representing the property Owners have said that the area is not under government acquisition, is only time that will help us get the true situation.
In the coming year 2017, I will visit the respective Agencies to gather more information. The Government Agencies are Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planing and Development, Lagos State New Town Development Authority, Lagos State Surveyor General office, Lagos State Land Bureau and very importantly I will do my search in court where the matter is a subject of litigation. I will also be present in court in the next adjourned date.

I am very sure there is a lot to learn from what has happened in OLOKONLA Garden Estate. Keep in touch with me for more updates on this matter.

As we end 2016 and begin a new year, please let part of your new year resolution be to perfect all titles to your landed property and when buying properties seek for our professional opinion. ‘A stich in timeā€¦ send me an email at

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