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Dr. Prince Joel, senior partner of Prince Joel & Associates storms Dubia with the famous real estate marketing network PWAN Group.

Dr.  Prince Joel

Dr. Prince Joel is a Lawyer in Nigeria and a real estate investment Coach. He has been in the Real Estate sector for over 15 years and serves as an external solicitor to PWAN Group of Companies.

This Real Estate expert has made his vision known to take the real estate industry in Nigeria to the next level. His vision is to help guide incoming Real Estate investors to understand how Real Estate in Nigeria works.

He runs a Real Estate Mentorship program where he trains intending realtors and equips them with the requisite skills to acquire if you must succeed in the real estate industry.

The vibrant real estate and property Lawyer, Dr. Prince Joel, who recently launched three (3) books on Real Estate will be storming the city of Dubai on the 17th of May 2022, with the PWAN GROUP of Companies (a leading Real Estate Investment, Marketing and Development Company ) for their May 2022 EAGLE SUMMIT.

The PWAN GROUP Eagle Summit is a gathering of PWAN BUSINESS OWNERS (Consultants) and a period to reward deserving PBOs.

It is not new to anyone that the Pwan Group in terms of growth has expanded across Nigeria, and they now intend to open branches in other parts of the world starting with Dubai.

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