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A few businesses have been slower than others to jump aboard with headways in innovation. Real estate is one of the enterprises that frequently lingers behind with regard to tech. Numerous realtors have kept on dealing with their properties and pursue choices in the manner in which they’ve generally done them, even as innovation changes their general surroundings. A working paper on how technology will affect commercial real estate in the future was published at Wharton University of Pennsylvania.

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The creators accurately anticipated that the development of innovation would unfavourably affect many retail resources and that business land wouldn’t decrease in worth or interest.
We will examine in detail in this article how the impact of technology on real estate is acting as a positive change agent, opening up new opportunities for savvy real estate investors.

Those who use Technology the most

With proposals and agreements handled entirely online, innovation stages enable a property to be displayed from a distance. Tenants, especially Gen Z leaseholders and millennials, grew up utilizing mobile phones, and the accessibility of state-of-the-art advancements will presumably affect where individuals reside and work from here on out. Innovations help to meet the needs of customers and bring them important data they use for direction, all of which can be done online without lifting a finger.

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Different movements are affecting the way that inhabitants consume space and how business land bargains are finished. Obviously, the pandemic has constrained more individuals to telecommute and invest less energy in the workplace.

Nigeria’s position in the use of Technology

Nigeria ranked 10th in Sub-Saharan Africa and 124th among 158 countries in a global index. Nigeria trails South Africa, Mauritius, Namibia, Gabon, Cape Verde, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana and Senegal in the UNCTAD’s 2021 Technology and Innovation Report. In any case, even before Coronavirus, the possibility of one space for each worker was transforming into a more adaptable utilization of existence with Nigeria not being left out. In fact, Nigeria has been rated as the country with the most active social media users. This clearly shows that if you put your business in the faces of the right audience, you’ll be making progress in sales and increasing awareness and growing income.


Today, organizations are progressively deciding to find where their representatives reside rather than the focal business region of profoundly thick metropolitan urban communities.

How technology can be used in Real Estate

  • Virtual tours, Zoom or Skype video calls, and project management tools like Slack are being used by commercial real estate brokers to show properties and communicate with team members.
  • The current trend toward telecommuting is largely made possible by wireless technologies like 5G (fifth-generation wireless). Advances help to cover the clients’ requirements and bring them significant data they use for direction.

The importance of Technology in Real Estate

Even if you believe that your commercial real estate business is doing well, giving technology a shot still makes sense. Are you unsure of its value to you? The real estate industry has benefited greatly from technology in the following ways:

  1. Real estate firms see an increase in efficiency thanks to technology.

The way that TECHNOLOGY further develops your organization’s productivity is one of the essential advantages of carrying it out. Studies have exhibited that it is the No, as a matter of fact. According to a report, 65% of the time a real estate company hires a tech company, it does so to help improve operational speed and efficiency. Your representatives will actually want to focus on different tasks on the off chance that innovation can deal with a portion of your work. The reduced workload that this brings to your company is beneficial to everyone.

2. Technology Helps Real Estate Professionals Make Informed Decisions Fast

Additionally, real estate firms enjoy utilizing technology because it enhances decision-making. One of the main reasons real estate companies choose to invest in technology is improved decision-making (44 per cent of the time). Your real estate company can benefit from technology for both data collection and analysis. This positions your business for greater success by allowing it to make better decisions. If you don’t use technology, you might miss out on important insights.

3. Technology Keeps Operating Costs Low

Whether you’re purchasing another PC or updating your accounting frameworks, there’s an expense for innovation. Yet, you ought to consider it a speculation, in addition to an expense. Putting resources into the right apparatuses can save you over the long haul. For instance, when technology is performing undertakings rather than an individual, there’s no individual to pay. Eventually, this implies you get to cling to more cash, which helps your business’ income.

Technology Gives Some Real Estate Advisors and Brokers an Advantage Over Their Competitors

Brokering and advising firms in the real estate sector is among the most competitive. Additionally, they are frequently among the first users of the most recent technology. Technology enables them to differentiate themselves from their rivals and win over customers in a high-stakes market. These experts frequently put money into; solutions that use the cloud, Technology for smart buildings, Automation, and Incorporated frameworks.

5. Automation Technology Makes Asset Management Easier

There is a great deal of reiteration with regard to specific errands. Despite the fact that the errands are normally genuinely direct, rehashing them takes a ton of time. The assignments engaged with resources on the board will more often than not be direct and dull, making them ready for computerization. This demonstrates that there is a critical potential for efficiencies.
At the point when you appoint these sorts of errands to machines, you put human work to use where it is truly required. Doing likewise, again and again, can be depleting for an individual, however, innovation can do monotonous errands with reliable quality.

6. Harnessing the Power of Tech in Your Real Estate Business

It’s an extraordinary opportunity to make your REAL ESTATE organization ready with TECHNOLOGY in the event that you’re not as of now. Taking on a cloud-based resource the executive’s arrangement or putting resources into strong moves up to your ongoing innovation stack are two straightforward ways of beginning. Track down clever techniques to support your organization’s prosperity; there are a few genuinely original choices accessible!


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