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How To Pick The Right Home For You.

How to pick the right home for you? The decision of renting/buying a home can be so overwhelming you want everything to be just right.

How to pick the right home for you

As a lawyer who deals with property matters, I have had the opportunity to get a few clients who need help in getting their dream homes. Some barely have the time to do a proper investigation on how to pick the right home for them and that can be a disaster.

To me picking the right home works well when you know what you want to achieve. For some, it could be living in a place where you can network or living in a place that is far from everyone.

Whatever the choice may be, it’s important to pick the right one.

Example on How picking the right home is important

Let’s take, for example, living in Lagos Nigeria which is divided into two major parts. You have the Island and the Mainland. The majority of the low-income earners live on the mainland because houses there are more affordable than on the Island.

This is a fact, even now you would find some celebrities or high-income earners living there. But what they complain most about is the traffic coming and leaving the island.

It is true that Lagos is very populated that building houses now is in constant demand. It’s a city for the hustlers and of course, celebs from around the world. You would find business investors, enterprises, and so on coming into Lagos on a regular basis.

This kind of city is bound to have traffic, but the question is that is it what the stress to go to work in traffic and return in the same traffic? Think about it.

I understand that the cost of renting or buying a house is very absurd but then living in an apartment close to where you work saves your transport cost and traffic stress.

How to Pick The Right Home For You

If you are considering renting or buying a new home, here are some tips you should consider.


Location is a very important factor that some people fail to consider and it’s not a joke. You cant be living in Epe and working in VI and expect to not meet traffic.

That’s not possible, or you like having your me time and then you live in a place like Oshodi. Do you see the clashes, it is better to live in a place where you have peace of mind and still do your business with ease.

Budget- how is your budget?

how to pick the right budget for your home.

Aside from picking the right location, you should also consider having a budget. Yes, I said that it is best to live closer to work for the 9-5 earners but then you shouldn’t break your bank because of it.

If you are living in Lagos for example you would see that there are options for renting an apartment. You can either do a shared apartment and be close to work or pay for a smaller apartment.

Please Take Note: Do not say because I said is best to live close to work then you should take a place where you would have to slant your body to stay in it. Rather you can start with a shared apartment and only share the kitchen and living room with someone else.

Grocery Store

A grocery store or a Supermarket is something you should forget. How can you live in a place where would have to walk or drive 20 miles before you can get something? That’s crazy!!

Be on the lookout for a supermarket that you can easily reach out to cause you might need something urgently at night and a short distance is very much needed. Although you might be someone who shops in bulk and barely go shopping in a month then it’s fine but my advice stays close to a grocery store.


As much as I know that we all have our own doctor and all, I would suggest that you find a house that is close to a clinic or a hospital. The saying that Health is Wealth is not a joke.

Just to be safe stay close to a hospital, just in case of emergencies you don’t get stranded.

Security-How good is it/

How secured is this place? That question is something you want to ask your real estate agent. Don’t be ignorant of the fact that because the house is fenced there wouldn’t be a break-in.

No one wishes for such but just to be safe staying in a place where the security is top-notch is very advisable.

Currently, in Lagos, houses are built in an estate with top security that without a call from you to the main entrance no one is allowed to enter. Even sometimes as a resident you would have to give a code or generate a new one when entering the estate.

Here’s some advice; “When finding your dream home or a new home you should make sure it’s the right now. And you would know it’s the right one when you see it.

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