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In my view, the most important resources in the world from time in memorial is Land. It is the foundation of everything in the world and without it, man cannot exist.

The mineral resources, the water, our transportation, the houses and factories we build, all depend on land. Therefore it is safe to say that land is the most valuable and economical asset all over the world.

It is undeniable that land has different meaning and uses to different people. For some, it  is a space for producing grains to feed themselves, their family and their livestockes. For others, it is an entity they worship, while for most, it is a source of income and economic strength.

Land is compulsory for all production no matter the kind or form, either for labor, shelter, agriculture or mining purposes. In one way or the other all these gives economic strength to the locality involved. These reasons above have made land one of the most sorts for thing in the world today.

A lot of people have this mistaken notion that investing in land is a fragile and weak investment. A land is capable of producing huge capital flow and it’s one of the best investments in the world. HOW?

In most cases, you only need to know if the property is suitable for building and if your title to the land is genuine. As long as it is suitable for building, you can sell the land double its value whenever you are ready.

  • Land is a tangible property.  

If you don’t want to have to deal with tenants, toilets, bugs, mold, lawn care, leaking roofs, bursting pipes, broken pop that come with owning building then go for a vacant land . it does not involve any of those things. Once you buy it, it sits there till you are ready to dispose it.

  • Land investors usually have no competition to deal with.

Investors call their own price according to how they feel because there is no specific price for selling a land.

  • Land is one resource that never depreciates in price instead, it appreciates with time.

Imagine buying a land in Ibeju-Lekki axis six years ago for a very cheap price and what it’s value will be  now. The value would have been double the amount it was purchased.

  • Land is very economical to own as a long-term investment.

When you buy a piece of land for the right price, there are no utility or construction bills to pay. If you want to keep your money somewhere and forget about it, vacant land could be exactly the investment opportunity you’re looking for.

Please permit me to tell you a rather short story before I conclude.

For over 14 years, I have lived and stayed along this axis. Back then, you could count the number of modern houses on this axis. My family and I stayed farther down along Sangotedo area.

The distance to my house and the next house was miles away!! not to talk of a shopping mall or a market.

Then, I bought my land for 60,000.00 per plot….. yes it was ridiculously cheap but development and civilization was lacking. The estate agent advised me to invest in more lands but because of the area shortcomings as at that time, I was reluctant to.

After so much persuasion from this agent who was and still is my friend, I decided to buy another two plots of land very close to the first land. Sincerely, I felt like I have thrown my money into the bush after I considered all the possibilities of development.

My wife and I decided to leave the land vacant for a while, on the grounds that building on it then would be another waste of money because nobody would want to rent a house in an underdeveloped and uncivilized area.

As days turned to months and months to years and more years, people started moving to the area. I could still remember how excited my wife and kids where when a land owner started construction on his land not far from ours.

Soon after that, Lagos state government started development plans and programs for Ibeju Lekki axis. First, investors moved in and then people.

Thereafter, the rush to own a plot of land in the area grew like wild fire. There was so much hustle and struggle to get land that I was tempted to sell the two plots I acquired years ago.

I sold each plot at N5,500,000.00 (Five Million Five Hundred Thousand Naira Only). It was a huge investment return for me and my family and at that moment I wished I could turn back time so I could invest in an acre instead of just two plots.

To all my readers out there, I will be entirely truthful to you. Land investing is without query, the most powerful tactic for a long-term investing career.

I’ve bought and sold lots of vacant land and properties after my first two plots of land and generated a lot of income by selling them. I am giving my readers the opportunity to be great investors.

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