The purpose of a consultation with Ibejulekkilawyer.com is to help investigate, search, purchase, facilitate smooth land/property transactions, to review all documents, render legal and practical advice.  During your consultation, one of our skilled lawyers will sit down with you and answer any questions or concerns that you may have before going into the property transaction process. This first meeting is an opportunity to not only get a property appraisal; it is a time to discuss all about your fears about purchasing that property.

If you have basic questions about typical genuineness of land, validity of documents, Verification of Properties, Compliance and regulatory matters, omo-onile, encumbrances, government acquisition or free form encumbrances and genuine owners of the land.

We offer flexible regime of consultancy fee for all our services. Our charges are affordable and we offer value and achieve the objective for every fee paid.

Our consultation fee covers you from been a victim of “How I which I never buy” that is from regretting your investment and been a victim of land grabbers, unguided land agents and omo-oniles shenanigans by reassigning other people’s Land to unsuspecting purchasers.

Land Verification Retainer:

During our initial discussion, a fee estimate will be provided. Any variations from this fee estimate will be highlighted to you during the course of the transaction and agreed upon with you.

We charge a minimum consultation fee of N50,000.00. This consultation fee is based on Client’s directives to commence a due diligent and detailed onsite investigation of land and property.

This is a very small fee to pay to save yourself from being duped Millions of Naira by Land fraudsters, Unscrupulous Sellers, Devious Estate Agents and Dangerous Touts that set out to Resell other people’s Land to unsuspecting purchasers.

You will find that our Consultancy Fee reflects only the time, skill and care we invest in each of our clients, fee covers the following services:

  1. Legal and practical advice.
  2. Verification of the genuineness of land.
  3. Verification of the validity and originality of the source of documents for the land.
  4. The validity of the land from the appropriate authorities i.e government registries, states and local government council .
  5. Feedback of the concluded Search Report analysis.

You as our client, we give priority to your work and directives, we do not give room for redundancy and slackness, we scrutinize all forms of documents and we ensure that legal processes are strictly complied with. We operate to serve you better. It must be said that our consultancy fee reflect our focus on establishing a long-term and ongoing relationship with you.

Search Period:

Because of the urgency we attached to our client services, we operates ‘On the Go Service’ that is on the day of your instruction that we should start work, we will proceed therefore, our duration for every search, investigation and scrutiny of all documents in respect of land investigation is 3weeks.

Based on the above duration which is 3weeks, if at the end of the first investigation, we find out that there are issues emanating from the specific property. Our Client is entitled to select another specific property within 2days after the end of the 3weeks to instruct us to conduct another search at no extra cost which will also be for the duration of 3weeks. If by the end of the second investigation, we discovered issues, problems on the specific property by our search report or we haven’t secured you a property that meets your approval based on our Investigation and Verification Report, you have the option to pay a further consultancy fee at subsidized rate at N40,000 to extend the investigation/search for subsequent land verification checks.


We are 100% committed to give you the most up to date and extremely reliable search result based on our unflinching standards to get to the bottom of every land transaction and we would not be bullied by either the Seller(s) or Client to rush our search report or conform to certain dictates in favour of the seller. We are independent and we represent only you the Buyer. It’s our duty to do our job diligently. We do not compromise standards.

If at any stage we feel we are not given the free hand to do our jobs properly by you the client, by influencing us to soft pedal on the Seller(s) based on close affiliations with them, we shall cease to continue our search and your Retainer Fee will be forfeited.

Solicitors Fee:

We charge a Solicitors fee of 5% of the final purchase price of the property. The Solicitors Fee is payable upon completion of the transaction and satisfaction of the Client. We are to prepare all the required documents and contracts needed for full possession and ownership of the property and also for the perfection of your title. This fee does not include statutory fees payable at the Land Registry.


For further enquiry please call us on 08034869295 or contact us by email through in@ibejulekkilawyer.com.