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Property is of  high value in Nigeria and the real beauty about t it is, it always appreciates and never depreciate. And it even appreciates more when you have all genuine land documents. So i am posting this so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of having complete and genuine land document

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  1. PROVIDES A SENSE OF SECURITY: The benefit of having genuine land instrument on purchased property is the sense of security. This genuine land instrument allows you confidence and peace on your property.
  1. ESTABLISHMENT OF OWNERSHIP STATUS: These land instrument establishes on the owner of such property its true ownership statues that cannot be contended with during disputed over land.
  1. TRANSFER AND ALIENATION MADE EASY: It allows for easy transferability or alienation of such land on both purchaser and seller.
  1. ADEQUATE COMPENSATION FOR LAND: A genuine land instruments of a land can give adequate compensation if such land is to be compulsory acquired by the government.
  1. INCREASE THE VALUE OF THE LAND: Genuine land instrument on land increase the property values.




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